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Field Survey Management

Field Survey Management FSM

Field Survey Management (FSM) is a fully integrated, state-of-the art data collection and management software product used to manage, schedule, mobilize, and monitor the field operations and field workers.
REALSOFT has implemented the Field Management Survey in a variety of data surveying projects to give a better access and managing capabilities of what’s being collected and viewed. As a result of the continuous success of the field management survey solutions provided by REALSOFT in many projects, REALSOFT has developed a Field Survey Management FSM product that can serves each and every requirement of field surveying projects. REALSOFT experience in this domain had been enriched by the impressive success of implementation this solution in Jordan Census 2015.
REALSOFT Field Survey Management product is fully featured product based on advanced mode of data collection stands on utilizing maps and GIS technologies to identify, assign tasks and tracking surveyors. The FSM Product allow you to allocate tasks according to geographical and administration segmentations and supported by other rich features that allow you identifying the surveyors’ paths, and positioning of surveyors’ current locations all in maps in a relative user friendly manner.

Overall, REALSOFT Field Survey Management FSM product is an integrated and sophisticated product, ease of use, reliable with high functionalities and rich features. And our product users are, for all intents and purposes, happy with their customized FSM solutions.

Product Functionalities


Mobilizing your processes has the power to transform nearly every aspect of the way you conduct business. In REALSOFT we created a highly secure and connected ecosystem to connect users and processes and assets that can be optimized when and where work demands.
Profoundly, Field Survey Management solution allows you to make real-time decisions about your operations and to save time and increase productivity. We have shaped our experience to improve control over field operations through Real-time synchronization of data collected at the field and connect mobile workers in the field with the back office, customers and equipment to deliver services faster and more efficiently.


We provide broad and continues support for the back office operations in the field, allowing for cutting edge methods to handle streamlined business processes that are repeatable and predictable.

Field Survey Management, manages the work orders and monitors the workers’ performance as well as assets, all from one place with tools to picture your business visually and give a sight of the workflow and achievement in work.


A crucial job for supervisors to keep an eye on the workflow and ensure that it is running smoothly, was made easy. Field Survey Management will help you with: Locating, connecting, monitoring and maintaining your work and workers intelligently.
The system maximizes productivity and efficiency throughout the organization by having access to all system elements on one platform and providing 360 degree visibility of your operations, as an illustration take the systems capability to live track a worker path, point-by point as well as providing a log of the path the worker took visualized on the map alongside the time of date of each point.

System Components

Desktop application

The application is dynamic enough to fit the unique needs of each country and business survey domains, yet secure and well defined to guarantee fault-free processes that lead up to accurate data collection and processing. The desktop application provides:

  • Easy field management
  • Extensive reporting and BI functionalities for validation, reviewing, and output.
  • else

Mobile Application

The mobile based application used by field surveyors for data collection. Such approach eliminates the need for paper survey. The application provides:

  • Digital maps for field navigation and fencing in their assigned areas
  • Electronic validation rules to ensure Quality during data collection
  • Electronic data Synchronization through GPRS/ Wi-Fi/ Serial cable.

System Features


We seek more than staying ahead of the curve, we worked on every idea to produce FSM and provide all functionalities and features in a professional manner. Deploying FSM offers you innovative ways to gather and process data electronically, as well as, allowing you to review and correct the entire data collected and controlled through applied business rules overall the system.


We understand the need of clarity and so we are committed to support it in all possible ways. FSM maps are combined with lots of visualization to illustrate the many functionalities, like; area’s categorization and leveling, tracking paths and else.


REALSOFT in its continuous pursuit for expansion doesn’t lose focus on delivering high quality and reliable products. FSM is not an exception, the system offers perfect data transmission process between the back and front end applications were no data duplication or missing is found, and it allows semi-timely data saving into the database.


The concept of flexibility for clients is certainly not new, but we in REALSOFT have elevated it to a near art form. FSM for example, allows you to assign the same registered user to more than one survey or a specific role, in fact you register the user only once and the system will handle the many roles of the same user. In addition to a flexible and extensive reporting tool to follow performance and review outputs.


The first thing about customization is that you expect what you want to see in a system, the other thing is that it’s how we made our clients comfortable to work with us. Our system is customized to serve the different kinds of survey projects, alongside to other functionalities.

You are invited to explore the world of Realsoft, and see for yourself how we make business sense through every single partnership and achievement we add to our legacy.

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