Ajman Statistics Center Continues Surveying Household Income and Expenditure

Ajman Statistics Center Continues Surveying Household Income and Expenditure

Ajman Statistics Center continues its data collection efforts for the Household Income and Expenditure Survey in the emirate, which commenced on March 1. This survey relies on the latest technological solutions provided by RealSoft Advanced Applications company, aiming to create a clear understanding and insight into the economic situation of households in the emirate. This, in turn, assists decision-makers in making better economic and social decisions by providing them with data on household income from various sources such as salaries, allowances, and income from other economic activities. Additionally, it provides data on how households spend and allocate their funds, enabling a deeper understanding of household priorities and needs.

This survey will continue for twelve months, during which a sample of selected households will be visited, and data will be collected using the Household Income and Expenditure Survey form. A team of field researchers will visit all targeted households across various areas of the emirate, interviewing the head of the household to gather detailed information about the family and its members, in addition to supplementary data related to household income and expenditure.

It is worth mentioning that the Ajman Statistics Center has employed field data collection for this survey using tablet devices, equipped with geographic maps, aerial images, and specialized data collection systems tailored to the nature of the survey. Furthermore, the tablet system includes a feature to send collected data to the central database, allowing the quality assurance and auditing team to conduct reviews before proceeding with the analysis and dissemination of results. In addition to the data collection system, the solution used in the survey also provided a system for managing field operations, enabling defining the work team, distributing tasks among researchers, and reviewing field progress in real-time.

Dr. Yasmin Judi, the Technical Statistics Consultant at Ajman Statistics Center, commended the systems and programs provided by RealSoft, stating, “RealSoft’s contribution to the 2024 Household Income and Expenditure Survey by providing advanced electronic systems has greatly contributed to its success and facilitated the process of data collection and analysis. This will enable us to have a better understanding of the economic situation of households in the Emirate of Ajman.”

She added, “The accuracy and efficiency demonstrated by the technological solutions provided by RealSoft have proven their high efficiency and effectiveness in addressing the challenges we previously faced. This reflects the deep and continuous commitment of your team towards quality and excellence.”

It is noteworthy that the systems used in the survey were designed and built based on Al-Khwarizmi Statistical Survey Platform. This advanced platform specializes in designing and building statistical forms, regardless of their complexity, without the need for programming effort (Low Code – No Code). It is currently utilized by many statistical centers, including statistical programs covering all types of surveys, censuses, and polls, ensuring ease of use, prompt results extraction, and guaranteeing the quality and accuracy of statistical data.

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