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RealSoft’s relationship with building applications on mobile devices dates back to 2002, when it provided programs to collect statistical data on digital assistance devices, that were running on Palm OS. In 2002, RealSoft introduced a system for collecting price data from sales outlets to calculate the consumer price indexes (CPI) for the Ministry of National Economy in the Sultanate of Oman. Then followed by the implementation of the general census of population, housing and establishments using Sony Clie devices that operate on Palm OS. Then it continued to develop products and solutions based on PDAs , smartphone devices, and tablets in many applications of a statistical nature.

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Our Mobile Solutions


Collecting statistical data from its sources requires field work to reach the respondents in the home, establishment, or agricultural holding to obtain information that is not available in the appropriate form in the registers and databases. Therefore, handheld units constitute a suitable alternative for rapid and high-quality data collection.
RealSoft provides many specialized statistical centers with applications to collect data from various locations using the Al-Khwarizmi mobile application, and provides the program with the necessary maps to reach the work places, divide the work areas and display the data on the maps for the researcher to facilitate the completion of his work and cover all the target units and complete all the required information about the target units.

Inspection & Compliance

In addition to the statistical products dedicated to data collection, RealSoft has provided mobile systems for inspections and compliance, such as labor inspections, fishing regulations enforcement, and municipal inspections to many clients in Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

GIS Mobile

Many portable programs can be enriched by making use of maps and spatial data, whether to identify places and navigate to the intended location, or to collect spatial information, or to display data on a map. Therefore, RealSoft has developed portable programs on smart phones and tablets that provide wide capabilities for collecting and displaying spatial data on mobile devices, and using these capabilities in statistical applications, inspection, and others.

Electronic Services

Many users prefer to obtain electronic services, such as government services, through phones or tablets, so RealSoft worked with its partners of electronic service providers to put mobile applications at the forefront of service access channels. In the foreground, the applications are suitable for various types of devices, both new and old.

Custom Applications

Some organizations need mobile applications dedicated to carrying out some specific operations, or extending some office functions through mobile applications, or building an integrated mobile application according to the customer’s desire, these applications should work on various devices in the iOS, Android, and Windows environment. On the other hand, it should have a convenient design and modern user experience.
RealSoft provides applications customized to the client’s needs with a competitive quality and efficiency. It also provides what the application requires to operate well in terms of integration with the customer’s local systems and services or external web services, such as automatic payment, geographical maps, public information, and others.


We develop, integrate, and engineer custom applications with multiple technologies and frameworks, including the Native, Cross-Platform and Hybrid Applications. RealSoft applications are available with the following frameworks:

Android Native
iOS Native


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