UNSD quote: “Official statistics provide an indispensable element of the information system, serving the Government, the economy, and the public with data about the economic, demographic, social and environmental situation. To this end, official statistics that meet the test of practical utility are to be compiled and made available on an impartial basis by official statistical agencies to honor citizens’ entitlement to public information”.


Facilitating the statistical periodic bulletins
Upon the above UNSD quote we developed E-DataPub software to serve the statistical agencies to collect, check, process, and disseminate data collected from the governmental institutions on the shape of the annual, semi annual, quarter, and monthly bulletins.
What differentiates E-DataPub from other software on the market is its ability to deal with a huge number of data sources, align with solid workflow that guarantee governance as well as data quality. Also, our software has the ability to align with the statistical calendar to assure no any delay in the statistical dissemination.

E DataPub

Product Capabilities

Automation of communication processes

In order to shift from the traditional manual method of producing periodic bulletins, we developed a technical product that seeks to adjust the production process of preparing the bulletins, by programming the logical sequence of data request procedures from different agencies and editing those data to ensure its quality. This product was developed depending on the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM)

Saving time and effort

By using E-DataPub, we no longer need to prepare the official correspondences for the data owners, our software is now carrying out this task within predetermined dates.

Speed the completion of periodic releases

The workflow developed in E-DataPub ensures the speed of completion of work in periodic bulletins, and the solid governance guarantee all required procedures

Facilitate data acquisitions from sources

E-DataPub owns the capability to gathering the data through all possible channels; emails, data entry, and database connection.

Reduce human errors

With E-DataPub we reduce the human errors to the minimal due to the full automation workflow

Data Quality Assurance

Using the business rules capability, the software can identify the errors in data, and automatically resend the errors to the data owner.

Creating relational database

For the sake of building a statistical trend analysis over time, E-DataPub can create a relational database, to enable the process of comparison over period.

Preparing statistical bulletins

E-DataPub has the power to design and prepare the content of bulletins in different formats (Excel, PDF, Indesign)

Adherence to the statistical calendar

To avoid any possible delay in publishing the statistical bulletins, E-DataPub will deal with all data sources through a dynamic calendar built to communicate, escalate, and evaluate the data quality.

What E-DataPub gives you?

Redesign the data template every period

Sending emails to all stakeholders

checking data, and ensure quality

Easy, Friendly screens for all users' types

Uploading data into a relational database

Log file (Who did What)

Approval cycle, and governance all procedures

Design the statistical tables, graphs, and maps

Design the final and approved statistics into an official bulletin