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RealSoft offers a wide range of professional software solutions to serve the national statistics processes. The solutions offered by RealSoft lie in providing integrated enterprise solutions.
The solutions provided by RealSoft cover all statistical domains; such as population, housing, economics, agriculture, environment, gender statistics, and SDGs indicators depending on best practices and international standards.

Our solutions include the following:

  • Software for statistical censuses and surveys.
  • Building statistical databases.
  • Calculating and managing the statistical indicators.
  • Disseminating the statistical products through a dynamic and interactive portal.

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Electronic Maps

Through the statistical projects, RealSoft utilizes electronic maps in planning, fieldwork management, data collection, and data dissemination.

Electronic Data Collection (CAPI)

Multiple technologies on different types of devices to collect statistical data through tablets and integration with navigation systems.

Call Center Interviewing (CATI)

RealSoft employed the techniques of voice call interviewing in several statistical projects, such as population censuses and economic surveys.

Web interviewing (CAWI)

RealSoft ICensus is an internet data collection system that allows households to respond to questionnaires using the internet from their homes.

Dissemination and Analysis

RealSoft provides many solutions and technical options for publishing statistical data, extracting results, and presenting them to various user sectors.

Administrative Registers

RealSoft offers assistance in studying and evaluating the administrative registers to construct the statistical registers through the use of high levels of data quality.

Statistical Process Management

The process management system from RealSoft “Ada’a“ complies with the international standards (GSBPM), which provide a framework for organizing.

Statistical products management

Statistical departments need to collect different data from multiple sources, which requires heavy coordination to obtain this data from their sources.

Sustainable Development Goals

In order to monitor the progress of each country’s performance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, each country should monitor the 2030 Agenda, which includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets.

Pioneer Solutions

Consumer Price Index

In 2001, RealSoft developed a computerized solution for the consumer price index CPI, which was later implemented in many countries (Oman, Jordan, and Iraq).

The first electronic census in the world.

In 2003, RealSoft was the first company worldwide to develop an electronic solution for a population census for the Omani government. The implemented solution enabled enumerators and the field team to manage fieldwork and electronically collect data. This opened the way for the possibility of addressing data quality at the moment of interviewing data respondents, which contributed to improving the quality of census data and accelerating data processing and extracting results by more than 60%.
Since then and until today, RealSoft has been introducing modern and productive technologies to improve the quality of statistical processes in various statistical domains (population, housing, economics, agriculture, environment, gender statistics, etc.). RealSoft solutions cover different statistical processes, from planning, design, follow-up, executing, data processing, and disseminating statistical outputs.

Statistical Domains

Demographic and Social Statistics

Demographics and social statistics provide a comprehensive and detailed picture of the population, society, and how they live through implementing sampling surveys or a comprehensive census. For many years, RealSoft has provided many solutions for collecting, processing, and disseminating demographic and social data, whether in population and housing, births and deaths, health, education, etc.
RealSoft has provided solutions and applications for many surveys such as household income and expenditures, labor market (employment, unemployment) and health surveys, as well as the general population and housing census for the benefit of national statistics centers and international organizations.
Many regional statistical centers have relied on Al-Khwarizmi product in implementing censuses and demographic surveys to collect, process, and publish data in various ways. For more information about Al-Khwarizmi product please, click here.

Economic Statistics

RealSoft has provided many applications and technical solutions aimed at automating statistical operations in the field of economy, such as the system of economic indicators for consumer prices, which has been used by the National Center for Statistics and Information in the Sultanate of Oman since 2003 in calculating and publishing price indices.
RealSoft has also provided programs and technical solutions to enumerate the establishment’s details since 2003 through field visits using tablet devices or by linking the administrative records of the relevant municipalities and ministries to build a statistical record of establishments from the administrative record.
RealSoft also provided programs for collecting and processing production data, which are used in calculating GDP indicators.

Agricultural Statistics

Agricultural statistics provide important data on food, agriculture, fisheries, and forest wealth that are exploited to achieve food security and improve economic activities related to agriculture and fisheries.
Over the past two decades, RealSoft has provided many solutions related to agriculture, food, and fisheries, and its first was the implementation of the agricultural census in the Sultanate of Oman in the year 2004, which covered the various governorates of the Sultanate and was implemented using latest technologies, including electronic data collection, which resulted in comprehensive data about Agricultural holdings, holders, multiple crops, livestock, tools and machines used in agriculture.
RealSoft also conducted an agricultural census in Jordan in 2007 and the Sultanate of Oman for the second time in 2010.
RealSoft provided programs to implement various agricultural surveys, such as the household production survey, fishing boat counting, fish landing survey, and fishery production quantities, in cooperation with the Ministry of Fisheries in the Sultanate of Oman.

Registers Based Statistics

RealSoft has kept pace with global trends by developing censuses and statistical studies that are totally or partially based on administrative records and government databases for population, housing, property, agricultural holdings, and other official registers.
RealSoft provides solutions and systems to transfer the administrative registers to statistical registers to be ready to use by statisticians through evaluating and testing registers, addressing quality standards, and linking different registers. This process dramatically saves effort and cost for the statistical process and helps continuously update various statistical frames.

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