What distinguishes this company is the quality in its work team, which works through projects that are implemented inside and outside the General Authority for Statistics. In fact, there are always certain criteria in the General Authority for Statistics for selecting companies. “RealSoft” was during the last period the sophisticated Company, the quality was very high and tangible, in addition to the services it provided through technical and statistical projects.

Mr. Mansour Al Dammas

Mr. Mansour Al DammasDirector of Information Technology - General Authority for Statistics-KSA

Thanks to RealSoft Advanced Applications for their outstanding efforts and support for the success completion of the E-services project for the Social Security Corporation

Dr. Hazim Rahahleh

Dr. Hazim RahahlehFormer DG - Social Security Corporation - Jordan

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics carried out the General Census of Population, Housing and Establishments 2017, using the most recent technologies in data collection. This pioneering work was carried out through contracting with RealSoft, a leading company in this field, which has a long experience in implementing such projects, and the cooperation with it was successful and distinguished.

We are proud of the partnership and cooperation with RealSoft Company in implementing the General Census of Population, Housing and Establishments 2017 in Palestine.

Dr. Ola Awad

Dr. Ola AwadPresident - Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics-Palestine

I touched the honesty, sincerity, passion for development and sophistication in dealing with client requirements. You have the right to be proud of your outstanding achievements over the past years. I ask God to grant you success.

Mr. Rashid Al Madani

Mr. Rashid Al MadaniDirector of Information Systems - Ministry of Labour and Social Development-Bahrain

We are dealing with RealSoft since 2003. Recently, we conducted with RealSoft Sharjah Census 2015. The Department of Statistics & Community Development in Sharjah implemented many statistical project with RealSoft, such as but not limited to Tabadoul , Economic Survey, and The Citizen Data Update projects.

I would like to thank RealSoft and its board members, and I wish them all the success.

Mr. Ali Mahboub

Mr. Ali MahboubStatistical Consultant - Department of Statistics & Community Development - Sharjah

With RealSoft, we had a unique experience in dealing with a package of very distinct statistical programs, and we were pleased to deal with RealSoft team who enjoys positivity, professionalism, and high skills. We wish you further prosperity and thank you.

Fatima Al Tunaiji

Fatima Al TunaijiFormer Director of the Statistical Analysis Division - Center for Statistics and Studies - RAK

We also thank RealSoft Advanced Applications, one of the national companies that we cherish and are proud of, which carried out the work the best way possible and was cooperative in fulfilling all the terms of reference put by the Department of Statistics and the Special Tenders Committee” Jordanian Statistics Results Inauguration Ceremony.

Dr. Qasem Al Zoubi

Dr. Qasem Al ZoubiFormer DG - Department of Statistics - Jordan