After Sales Services

Our services NEVER Stop


An essential part of RealSoft’s commitment to its partners is our continuous support from the first business contact throughout the entire life cycle.
The delivery of a high-quality product is not the end of our services. We are keen to look at all our business partnerships as long-term and sustainable. An essential part of this is the after-sales services.
Speed, reliability, and competence are essential for an efficient after-sales service. Therefore, we support you with all questions and individual challenges regarding our products, solutions, and services after successful delivery.
Our practical experience, knowledge from research and development, and your feedback enable us to provide the best possible after-sales service. Our team is equipped with unique experience in delivering these services, and they prioritize you and your business continuity, and are ready to solve any problem efficiently and help you run your business smoothly.

What We Do

Go-Cloud and different hosting options

we provide multiple hosting options for our products and solutions, including on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud. Also, we provide hosting support in our facilities for some specific cases upon our clients’ requests.

Support in change management

We work together with our clients to enable the users and business owners to use our systems and adopt the changes resulting from these systems, We do this backed by proven results of the efficiency of the products provided and their ability to provide solutions that help in automating work and reducing time and effort.

Technical Support and software Warranty

We provide multiple options through our SLA with our clients, including AMC, Technical Support, Help Desk, ticketing system, and follow up. We have provided such services for more than 100 clients over the past 20 years, we successfully provide less than 60 minutes of average response time, less than hours of average resolution time, and achieve up to 99.8% uptime.


We provide high-skills outsourcing services to our clients in the IT and business domains of our specialties. We have a big team of outsourced professionals working with our clients across the region in data management and analytics, digital transformation, business analysis, quality assurance, statistics, software development, system and database administration, etc.

Capacity building and training

We provide capacity building, knowledge transfer and training services in most of our projects. This includes user training, executives training, system administrators training, and developers training. We have a solid philosophy that training is an ongoing process all during our projects’ lifetime, and also we believe that better training increases the ability of partners to perpetuate the solutions provided and reduces the amount of technical support required.