Online, On-Demand, and On-Site Training


Professional training from practicing specialists is what raises the skills and efficiency of employees, improves products, and enables the organization to adopt and deploy new technologies and methods.
For more than twenty years, RealSoft has provided technical training services to its clients in the region in the fields of statistics, information management, data warehousing, data science, and application programming.

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Technical Training

Professional training is directed to specialists, including statisticians, programmers, designers, data engineers, and database administrators, to design databases, data quality, ETL process, data dissemination, and application development.
Professional training includes multiple technologies and business disciplines:

Statistical packages such as (SPSS, R, Python and STATA )
Statistical report writing
BI tools and dashboarding
SDMX tools
Databases and data warehousing (Microsoft and Oracle)
Programming in languages (Python, JavaScript and J2EE)
Mobile application development
Low-code platform using Mendix

End-User Training

Our clients receive training on RealSoft products and solutions, including how to use and manage them. Training includes:

Al-Khwarizmi Statistical Platform
Designing statistical forms and questionnaires using the Al-Khwarizmi platform.
Data collection using all methods
Data collection through the call center
Managing tasks and organizing projects using a performance system
Data Portal Management

Masar Program

The Masar program from RealSoft has been developed to train newly graduated students from universities and specialized institutes to enter the labor market.
The implementation of the program began on August 1, 2022, when sixteen trainees registered in the program. Eleven of them graduated.
During the training period, the trainees mastered the following skills:

  • SQL and PLSQL programming for Oracle databases.
  • Programming through the platform (Mendix Low-Code Application Development Platform).
  • Building web applications using (Node.JS and Angular)

These courses are offered by RealSoft for free to outstanding students to facilitate fast and appropriate access to suitable jobs in the fields of programming and data processing.

Top Clients

RealSoft provides professional training services in the fields of statistics, data management, and information technology. Hundreds of customers have received professional training that enables them to develop their technical skills, raise the quality of work, and implement modern technologies.
Our top clients:

Jordainan Department of Statistics
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Saudi General Authority for StatisticsArtboard 1