Data Portal

Reliable data is the cornerstone of development plans, guiding effective economic policies and raising citizens' well-being through reliable, high-quality statistics.


Statistics play a crucial role in decision and policy-making processes by providing objective, numerical data on various aspects of our lives, like population growth, economic performance, health, well-being, and environmental conditions. Additionally, to streamline data access within organizations, we simplify and enhance security by enabling organizations to define and control access to datasets across numerous databases from a single pane.

Data Portal 1

Product Capabilities

Statistical Publication Workflow

Automate statistical products publication workflows based on statistical calendar and functional roles.

Mobile Applications

Mobile App integrated with the platform with a single sign-up between them, and compatible with IOS and Android operating systems.

Data Exploration

A statistical data exploration platform that provides access to structured data and facilitates users to search, retrieve, present, extract and export statistics from a single point of entry.

Metadata Bar

Structured information that describes statistics enabling to make sense of published information and ensure the correct use of statistics.

Help Tools

Includes two help tools, FAQ, and product tour for navigating through the portal.

Enhance User Experience

Easy and fast reach to data, allowing layout and formats of data to be customized, while keeping the brand visual identity


A self-service feature that enables users to format statistical data values in tables, change presentation of grand totals and subtotals and adapt report filters to answer business questions.

Secure Platform

Provides user management and access permissions to Platform Services and different roles and builds access permissions to data on different levels.

Data Export & Query

A multi-channel data export capability in different formats (Excel, PDF, CSV), including a fully customizable data retrieval capability using Data API and building personalized folders using “My Queries”.

What We Do

Study and analyze the data sources and identify the datasets that need to be available on the portal with help of the client.
Provide mechanisms for managing unstructured, semi-structured data and offer methods for data publications, discovery, and reuse.
Extract and transform the data (ETL) to a centralized database.
Data management, including applying access rules and publication policies.
Build user interface for data browsing and visualization.
Provide training to end users on the deployed product.

Client stories

With the support from RealSoft
The General Authority for Statistics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched the Statistical data portal platform.
“Imagine that you are on a long journey and aim to reach the endpoint in record time as you cross mountains and valleys and encounter a bridge filled with fog, and you cannot see the other end of the bridge, so should I cross the bridge! And here we faced the crossroads either by crossing without knowing the end of the road or back.

We have resolved to cross despite prior knowledge of the potential risks, but we must cross the bridge to have data and information that will serve all customers, and this is what we achieved by transforming statistical data into information.”
Speech by the President of the General Authority for Statistics, Dr. Konrad Psendorfer, inaugurated the launching ceremony of the Statistical Data Portal platform.