Data Portal

Data is the cornerstone of development plans, as it constitutes the main axis in the component of development and planning, and effective economic policies aimed at raising the level of citizen’s well-being can only be developed through reliable and high-quality statistics based on international standards and best practices.


Supporting decision and policy-making process
Statistics are a vital source of evidence as they provide clear, objective, numerical data on important aspects of our life, including the growth and characteristics of all aspects like; our population, economic performance, levels of health and wellbeing, and the condition of our surrounding environment.
In terms of streamlining data access in organizations, we are making it simple and secure by allowing organizations to define datasets (even across hundreds of different databases) and control their access from a single pane.

Data Portal 1

Product insights

Data Management

The system provides a full framework and tools needed to build various data indexes, codec lists, pointers, and content enhancement by providing Metadata Tools.

Publication Policy

Build a publishing calendar for institutes products. Build functional roles and connect them with the Institutes products.

Product Analysis & Review

The system provides analysis tools and self-service tools. It is also equipped with search parameters to customize results.

Ease of Access to Products

Builds easy indexes for indicators, connects them, and provides smart search tools with a Favorite option that helps clients create their favorite product list.

Enhance user experience

The system allows the content of the platform to be customized according to the interests and requirements of customers and provides the feature of subscription.

Safe Platform

Provides user management and access permissions to Platform Services and different roles and builds access permissions to data on different levels.

Mobile Applications

Mobile App integrated with the platform with a single sign-up between them, and compatible with IOS and Android operating systems.

Share & Export Data

Incorporates data sharing services (Data API) to enable customers to build data integration solutions and export data in different formats; (Excel, PDF, CSV, …).

How can we help?


Enable users to search all database content, and on all levels.


Access the charts menu and select the desired type to present in the report.


“Export” to print or save a report in different formats, including HTML, CSV, and Excel.

API link

“API link” to generate API link based on custom report dimensions and in the desired language.

Metadata Bar

The Metadata Bar presents information about each table, split into three sections; Main Information, Methodologies, and Other Information.


“Format” to edit report values text format. The format can be performed on all report values or based on a specific condition.

My Queries

“My Queries” is a personalization tool only available for logged-in users. It gives the option to create personal folders.


“Fields” to edit report filters, labels, measured values, and customize the statistical table to satisfy the user’s needs.


Builds easy indexes for indicators, connects them, and provides smart search tools is a “favorite” feature that helps clients create their favorite product list.


There are two types of help tools injected in the database: The first is FAQ, and the other is like a journey through the basics of moving around the website.

Client stories

With the support from RealSoft
The General Authority for Statistics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched the Statistical data portal platform.
“Imagine that you are on a long journey and aim to reach the endpoint in record time as you cross mountains and valleys and encounter a bridge filled with fog, and you cannot see the other end of the bridge, so should I cross the bridge! And here we faced the crossroads either by crossing without knowing the end of the road or back.

We have resolved to cross despite prior knowledge of the potential risks, but we must cross the bridge to have data and information that will serve all customers, and this is what we achieved by transforming statistical data into information.”
Speech by the President of the General Authority for Statistics, Dr. Konrad Psendorfer, inaugurated the launching ceremony of the Statistical Data Portal platform.