Utilizing Al-Khwarizmi Platform – Launch of Aqaba Census

Utilizing Al-Khwarizmi Platform – Launch of Aqaba Census

Utilizing Al-Khwarizmi platform for statistical surveys by RealSoft Advanced Applications, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, in collaboration with the Department of Statistics in Jordan, has commenced the comprehensive census for population, housing, economic establishments, and agricultural holdings in the Aqaba Governorate for the year 2024.

At this stage of the project, a team of field researchers is utilizing systems and services developed by RealSoft. The first phases of the census began at the beginning of March, involving the enumeration and classification of all residences and establishments, along with collecting limited data about households.

Upon completion of the enumerating buildings, housing units, and establishments, preparations will begin for the population counting phase, which will commence in May of this year. During this phase, every household in the governorate will be revisited, and the head of the household will be interviewed to gather detailed data about families across various parts of the governorate to complete the required information.

The Department of Statistics is employing tablets and Al-Khwarizmi platform for statistical surveys for managing census operations, collecting and verifying statistical data, and sending it to the central database. Additionally, they are using a fieldwork system that facilitates supervision, monitoring, workload distribution among researchers, and field achievement review.

It is noteworthy that Al-Khwarizmi is used by several statistical centers in the region to automate all stages of the census, ensuring ease of use, and quick results extraction with high quality and accuracy of statistical data.

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