Register-Based System

Producing statistical data based on Registers has the advantage of budget saving and burden for workforce collecting the data. See how RealSoft expanded expertise in the field of register-based censuses and surveys.


Recently, Register-Based Statistical solutions started to be feasible for most countries, or even all domains of statistics, and this explains the growing substitution of administrative data for data collected by surveys in recent times.

Using Administrative Records present number of advantages to the statistical process, such as;

Reduce resources and operations costs; as they already exist and don’t incur more costs for data collection.
Reduce the efforts required for data revision, completion, verifying, check of time series, and else.
Reduce the burden of response to surveys.

RealSoft has conducted many surveys based on registers. We consider our services in this domain as UNIQUE, where we start with our client from the zero point; by introducing them to the general and specific requirements that need to be in place to achieve a high level of data quality and get them in-depth to the operations performed on records to reach that distinctive quality.


Data Source Identification and Assessment

RealSoft provides many solutions and technical options for publishing statistical data, extracting results, and presenting them to various user sectors.

Data Extraction

RealSoft offers extraction services to provide the necessary data from the identified data sets.

Data Treatment

RealSoft will involve data editing and processing to make your data 100% conformant to your needs.

Record matching

RealSoft’s experts combine administrative data sets seamlessly, even with large data sources, to meet requirements.

Data linking

Build statistical framework based on international standards by linking different data sources and linking the alphanumerical data with Spatial data provides statistics on population, dwellings, and establishments.

What we do

Linking relevant institution databases to build a statistical framework based on international standards and recommendations.
Building statistical frameworks that aim at presenting statistics on population, dwellings, and establishments
Incorporating international standards into statistical operations, like GSPBM and SDMX
Data Extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL)

International standards for statistical operations

Moreover, RealSoft has wide experience and knowledge with the international standards to form and disseminate the statistical data, like GSBPM in general and the SDMX standards in specific. We have utilized such standards to describe and assess the quality of processes for surveys, censuses, administrative records, and other statistical projects carried out by RealSoft as well as being one of the first who applied SDMX standards to the development and maintenance of statistical registers.

Statistical Registers

Projects and Experiences

Recently, RealSoft was selected by the Department of Statistics and Community Development (DSCD) Sharjah to develop an electronic system for Registers Based Statistics. The solution includes designing, developing, customizing, and deploying a database system for the administrative data and statistical data sharing system based on SDMX standards to help the DSCD to go forward and prepare for census 2022 based on the administrative registers.

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