Agricultural Statistics

Agricultural statistics are a vital requirement to monitor and develop the agricultural sector since it provides high-quality statistical information, comparable and harmonized data, implementation, and analysis of community policies and presents an updated picture of the structure of agricultural activities from an economic perspective, social and environmental point of view.

RealSoft is the only company in the ME region specializing in national statistical systems development and implementation; in the last decade, it has developed and implemented several projects in various aspects of national statistics, including demographic, economic, agricultural, tourism, and others.

RealSoft / Mobisoft developed and implemented the first E-Agriculture census in the world in Oman in 2004, as one of the most critical IT projects in the agriculture sector using handheld computing devices to collect the different statistical variables about agricultural holding, holders, size of the farms, type of crops, number and type of livestock and the labor force involved in the farm work and techniques and technology or farm operator characteristics.
In 2007, the Jordanian Department of Statistics contracted RealSoft to design, develop and implement the E-Agriculture census.
The two companies developed a unique statistical framework for Agri-Food applications consisting of End–End solutions, from automatic data collection to reporting and dissemination.
RealSoft / Mobisoft combine their rich experience in mobile technologies and agriculture business to develop fully automated solutions in the Agri-Food sector.
It was the first e-agriculture census in the world, utilizing the latest technologies in mobile data collection, dynamic reporting, and GIS dissemination.
In 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in Oman contracted RealSoft to implement the Fisheries Survey project, which includes designing and developing an end-to-end statistical solution for fisheries exports and imports survey. The system provides an integrated and coherent solution that covers the different aspects of both the field and the office (backend) survey-related work, from previewing the shipment, recording data, and printing reports in the three Omani boarders crossing points to the final stage, which is extracting the statistical tabulations and survey results in the ministry offices.
In 2009, RealSoft implemented the Multi-Purpose Survey project, which includes designing and developing an end-to-end statistical solution covering the different aspects and phases for both the field and office-related work. The project provides a set of statistical reports which assists the decision-makers in formulating policies and making the appropriate decisions regarding the number of agricultural workers, the number and types of greenhouses, and the number of produced hives. In addition to estimating the planted areas, the average and the total production per hectare, the dates of production, and find out prices.
In 2008, RealSoft implemented the Fisheries Violation System, which aims to develop electronic fishing law violation ticketing to facilitate the Omani Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries fieldwork, in addition to mechanisms for monitoring the fieldwork as well as related judicial referrals from the office by utilizing latest technologies such as PDA, database and Global Positioning System.
In 2006, RealSoft implemented a boat count project in Oman; this project aims to collect detailed information about the fishing boats, like the quantity of production, groups and the number of boats, engines, fishermen and fish export, etc.
The Boat Count project includes developing a field data collection mobile system (PDA) to perform electronic listing t for boats and fishing vessel crafts in the Sultanate of Oman.
In 2006, RealSoft implemented The Fish Landing Survey in Oman, using computing-handled devices.
The Fish Landing Survey is a continual survey conducted in sample regions for landing sites, i.e., places from which boats go out fishing.
In 2008, RealSoft implemented the Fisheries Price Collection project, which includes the design and development of an electronic questionnaire on the PDA device integrated with GPS to collect the prices data from the various fisheries markets in the Sultanate of Oman and provide a set of reports for the decision makers and planners at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries about the survey results. In addition to building a data collection program using the .NET technology to transfer the data collected from the field to the main server in the ministry. The system compared the surveyor coordinates with the marketplace coordinates stored previously in the database to guarantee that the data was only collected from the specified markets.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in Oman contracted RealSoft to design, develop and implement a desktop application for the animal and plant production inputs survey study by utilizing the latest technologies from Oracle. The study covered 17 areas distributed in the sultanate’s various agriculture areas, 37 villages known for their agricultural activity, and 370 farmers, in addition to 18 large markets.
The Sufieleh Fish Survey is a field data collection mobile system (PDA) developed by RealSoft to perform an electronic survey in Oman 2007 to collect all Sufieleh fish related data; RealSoft utilizes the latest technology in this survey, such as Sufieleh database building, dissemination of statistical outputs and compare time series. The system integrated with the statistics artisanal fishing system available at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries