Agricultural Statistics

a single-point of access to NSO publications and products, from different data sources. See how RealSoft facilitates statistical data Exchange.


“Accurate and timely statistics are essential for enriching decisions, policies, and investments addressing food and agriculture issues.” – Quote from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Therefore, RealSoft works with countries in the region to collect, analyze, interpret, and disseminate food and agriculture statistics in accordance with the methodologies and standards developed by the Statistics Division of the FAO, aligned with the nature of the country in question.

Agricultural Statistics Inner

RealSoft is the only company in the Middle East specializing in developing and implementing national statistical systems. The company has undertaken several projects in various aspects of national statistics, including demographics, economics, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, and more. Reliable statistics are essential for monitoring and developing the agricultural and fisheries sectors as they provide high-quality, consistent, and comparable information and data. They are a crucial requirement for implementing and formulating sustainable agricultural development policies and offer an updated picture of agricultural activities from economic, social, and environmental perspectives.


Mobile Integration

Capturing data in the field without internet access using mobile applications that provide the user with a list of questions and then records the result.

Back-office System

Desktop system for supervisors to enable real-time and daily monitoring of field activities, performance, progress, and approvals.

Data Dissemination and Reports

Desktop system form survey results presentation and statistical indicators calculations based on survey data.

Streamlined Project Management

Work allocation and task execution for large workforce involved in survey projects, so managers and supervisors know who is doing what at a particular moment and the overall status and progress of the project.

Enhanced Data Quality

Allowing data collection at specific locations and during specific time periods and providing surveyors to attach images with locations. Application is equipped with a set of validations and consistency checks.

Implement workflow into GIS

A powerful workflow engine implemented into GIS environment, where users with different roles and tasks, can access the same database and work on survey units to prevent duplication of efforts. Once the tasks are completed for a certain survey unit, it can be submitted for approval.

What We Do

Projects survey workforce planning.
Compiling and analyzing survey data.
Provide training services for end users on the census/survey solution’s components.
Survey data dissemination and provide reports in a dynamic dashboard.
Fully integrated solutions for statistical fishery surveys, including fish production survey, maritime and fishing law violation, fish export and import tracking, fishing boats survey, and fish prices survey.
Provide fully integrated solutions for agricultural surveys projects, including agricultural census, multi-purpose agricultural surveys, and wholesale prices surveys for agricultural products.

Our Experience

Over the past two decades Realsoft has provided many solutions for the agricultural, livestock and fisheries ecosystems, due to their crucial roles in providing sustainable food and water security and active contribution to the national economy.
Realsoft leveraged mobile technology and GIS that powered end-to-end workflows in agricultural census in the Sultanate of Oman in 2004 and conducted the agricultural census in Jordan in 2007. Starting from 2006, Realsoft implemented many solutions for ecosystems in livestock and fisheries, that digitally transformed field work and converted collected data into national fishery statistics, displayed in graphics, charts and on a map simultaneously that stakeholders need for planning and making policies. Learn more about how Realsoft’s solutions revolutionized agriculture, livestock, and fisheries statistics.


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