Economic Statistics

RealSoft’s expertise extends to economic statistics, by leveraging data collection and calculations to produce essential economic indices including the Consumer Price Index (CPI), Wholesale Producer Price Index (WPI), Building Material Index (BMI), Producer Price Index (PPI), and Real Estate Index to monitor and analyze economic trends.


The Consumer Price Index (CPI), Wholesale Producer Price Index (WPI), Building Material Index (BMI), Producer Price Index (PPI), and Real Estate Index have a shared purpose of providing quantitative data releases for significant economic variables. These data releases are highly valuable for economists, analysts, investors, and policymakers, as they serve as key indicators for gauging the direction of an economy. Moreover, these indices play a crucial role in adjusting various cash flow mechanisms.

Economic 2


Economic Indicators Study and Analysis

A wide range of surveys that covered multiple statistical topics, where economic indicators studied and analyzed

Consumer Price Index

A fully automated package to define, collect, process, and calculate the CPI index through user-friendly desktop and mobile applications.

Household Income and Expenditure

A survey that gathered demographic and economic data of the population and housing, facilities and appliances, sources of Income, daily spending expenses.


Full-fledged systems for data collection on the go. These Mobile systems include many features that enable the user to conduct tasks on the go without any paperwork seamlessly.


Systems provide secure means to access the database; this includes authentication, data encryption, in addition to staging approach to isolate the online database from external use.


Data access and comparison between sources, regions, and others, allowing users to review the outputs through a user-friendly web interface and advanced reporting system.


Survey burden distribution among the available surveyors, including assigning tasks to the enumerators, sending requests to mobile users, receiving tasks from them, accepting, and investigating the results.


Mobile System multi-channel connectivity with back-office database. Backend systems data capturing, including direct connection through data link and web services or through batch files for disconnected mode.

What we do


Provide solutions that have well-defined process flow where fully automated systems are designed to handle all the processes, from data collection, processing, monitoring, and reporting to indices calculation.

Calculating economic indices based on latest statistical equations, which can be customized according to NSOs use.

Workforce training (TOT), which is task-specific and can result in significant budget saving and quicker project implementation.