Using RealSoft products, MAFW implements the Crop Area Survey

Using RealSoft products, MAFW implements the Crop Area Survey

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Recourses (MAFW) in Oman implements the Crop Area Survey for 2022-2023. This survey provides periodic statistical data to estimate the cultivated areas of vegetable crops, field crops, and seasonal fodder crops. The survey is usually carried out annually, and data is collected during the months of December of the year and January of the following year.

RealSoft Advanced Applications has provided electronic systems and technical services to implement the survey using tablets devices. The electronic questionnaire was designed using Al-Khwarizmi Platform © for statistical surveys, as well as business process programming, uploading samples -that cover the various governorates of the Sultanate-, managing survey operations, and calculating statistical indicators.

The data collected during the survey includes data on the cultivated area throughout the year, the numbers of permanent and temporary employment, Omani and expatriate labor, and labor from the holder’s family, and also includes the number of protected agricultural houses and beehives.

It is expected that after the completion of the implementation of the Crop Areas Survey, the Statistics Department will start implementing many other agricultural statistical surveys, which start in January and continue until the end of June. These surveys include a survey of crop production estimation, a survey of prices of agricultural commodities in wholesale markets, a survey on diagnosing varieties of date palm trees, and a survey of estimating local production of dates.

All these surveys were designed on the Al-Khwarizmi © from RealSoft to carry out all activities related to these surveys, including data collection, fieldwork management and information dissemination.

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