Social Security Department E-Services

About Project

The Social Security Corporation provides social insurance services to all workers in Jordan. Where the number of the corporation’s affiliates exceeded one million four hundred thousand subscribers. During the period of the Corona pandemic, the SSC corporation played an important role in mitigating the effects of the pandemic by providing sums of money to subscribers and reducing the financial premiums paid by individuals and companies to SSC, and the provision of electronic services had a major role in facilitating the access of social security subscribers to these services during the long periods of lockdown.

Maternity insurance

Unemployment insurance

Occupational injury insurance

Old age, disability & death insurance

Electronic services by years
7 sub-services
  • Completing retirement services electronically (death and disability)
  • Completing one-time compensation services electronically (death, disability, imprisonment)
  • Calculating the addition of years of service electronically when requesting retirement
  • Introducing an advance request service to re-compensate for the optional payment

37 sub-services
  • Creating electronic services to include self-employment
  • Automation of the receivable payments process
  • Creating incentive program services
  • Developing an electronic payment channel for escrow Daman Pay
  • Creating a service of entrepreneurial establishments
  • Introducing an optional service to request continuation of coverage after exceeding 12 months
  • Introducing a service to contribute to the operating costs of nurseries
  • Defense Command Services

46 sub-services
  • Electronic reporting development
  • Automation of one-time compensation service
  • Automation of retirement services
  • The default calculation of the base salary.
  • Care Insurance Program / King Hussein Cancer Center
  • Automation of work injury services
  • Automate the completion of previous data for establishments
  • Introducing e-maternity care program services
  • Automation of unemployment insurance services
  • Create an eBank service
  • Introducing the official e-book service
  • Introducing a one-time re-compensation electronically
  • Include yourself service
  • Facilities Inclusion Service
  • Defense Command Services

13 sub-services
  • Process Re-engineering Elective Affiliation Services
  • online accountS
  • My Dashboard Service
  • Disbursement of savings balance

63 sub-services
  • Facilities services (flow movements, suspension, wages)
  • Inquiry services for government agencies
  • Inquiry services for establishments and individuals
  • Internal services for the company’s employees