Ras Al Khaimah Statistics Center completes the Labor Force Survey

Ras Al Khaimah Statistics Center completes the Labor Force Survey

Ras Al Khaimah Statistics Center (RAKSC) has completed the data collection phase of the labor force survey in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. The survey, which spanned a month, involved visits to targeted households to gather data using the labor force survey. 

A team of field researchers and auditors collaborated on the project, utilizing systems and services developed by RealSoft Advanced Applications. During the survey, field researchers engaged with sampled households across various regions of the emirate, interviewing the head of each household to collect detailed information about the family and its members. 

RAKSC employed two methods for data collection in this survey: field visits using tablet devices and phone communication through the call center system. The tablet system was equipped with geographical maps, aerial images, and specialized data collection systems tailored to the survey’s nature. It facilitated the transmission of collected data to the central database. Additionally, the call center system was utilized to communicate with some households and collect data over the phone. All data collected through both methods were consolidated into a unified database, allowing the quality and audit team to review before proceeding to analyze and publish results. 

It is worth noting that the systems used were designed and built on Al-Khwarizmi platform for statistical surveys. This advanced platform specializes in designing and building statistical forms regardless of their complexity, without the need for programming effort (Low Code – No Code). Currently, it is being utilized by many statistical centers, encompassing statistical programs that cover various types of surveys, censuses, and polls, ensuring ease of use, prompt results extraction, and guaranteeing the quality and accuracy of statistical data. 

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