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Statistical Solutions

REALSOFT offers a wide range of software professional services and solutions to serve the national statistics processes, these solutions vary between specialist systems for population, housing, economical and agriculture statistics and software for statistical surveys, building statistical database, calculating and management of economic indicators, as well as dissemination and display systems for statistical data.
In 2001, REALSOFT has developed computerized system for consumer price index CPI, and later it was implemented in a number of countries (Oman, Jordan, and Iraq)
In 2003 REALSOFT was the first company worldwide to deliver PDA based population census solution for the Omani government, integrated with a GIS presentation for data visualization and dissemination through maps interface.
Since then REASOFT has provided statistical solutions for population, housing and agricultural censuses, socio-economic indicators, household income and expenditure, labor force survey, e-services for pension funds, social information systems, citizen services centers and social development portal. Addition to traditional way to collect statistical data REASOFT provides registers based statistical system.

REALSOFT utilize the latest techniques through the statistical projects:

Electronic Maps
Through the statistical projects REALSOFT utilize electronics maps in the following areas: planning and field work management, data collection, data dissemination and support decision systems.
Handheld Computing Devices Techniques
REALSOFT is a leading company in using handled computing devices for statistical data collection..
Call Center

REALSOFT employed the techniques of call center in several statistical projects such as population census, labor force survey, Household Income and Expenditure System.

Dissemination and Analysis Systems
REALSOFT provides solutions for the dissemination of statistical data by using specialized techniques in electronic dissemination of statistical data such as SuperSTAR system from Space-Time Researcher, where REALSOFT represent the company in the Middle East, the two companies provided solutions for dissemination of Oman census output in 2010, and population registers in Kuwait in 2010, 2011.
REALSOFT ICensus is an internet data collection system which allows the households to respond to questionnaires using the internet from homes. The application incorporates real-time data validation rules to correct data while users entering their information.
Administrative Registers
REALSOFT offers assistance in studying and evaluation the administrative registers to construct the statistical registers Through using highly advanced technologies in IT statistical solutions, where REALSOFT provides the ability of connecting various database related to various institutions to build statistical framework as consistent with international standards followed in this field.


  • Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics - Palestine 
    Project: Palestine Census - 2017
  • Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee - Lebanon 
    Project: population and housing census of Palestinian refugees in the camps and gatherings - 2017
  • Executive Council – Ajman Government - UAE 
    Project: Ajman Census - 2016
  • Department of Statistics - Jordan 
    Project: Jordan Census - 2015
    Project: Labor Force & Job Creation Survey - 2009
    Project: Consumer Price Index (CPI) - 2008
    Project: Jordan Agricultural Census - 2007
  • Sharjah Statistics Center - UAE
    Project: Sharjah Census - 2015
    Project: The Health Behavior Patterns Survey and the Multiple Statistical Systems Project - 2014
    Project: Supply, Implementation, and Support of Software Packages for Comprehensive Demographic and Health Survey- 2013
  • National Center for Statistics and Information - Oman 
    Project: Comprehensive  Survey (CS) - 2014
    Project: Salala Autumn Festival Survey - 2013
    Project: Multi Indicator Cluster Survey - Oman & Iraq 2014
    Project: Multi Indicator Cluster Survey - Qatar 2011
  • Deloitte - KSA
    Project: Human Resource Procedures Survey - 2014
  • International Republican Institute - Jordan
    Project: Dynamic Mobile-based Survey - 2013
  • Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries - Oman
    Project: Oman Agriculture - 2013
    Project: Dynamic Mobile-based Survey - 2013
    Project: Fish Landing Survey - 2013
    Project: Kingfish Monitoring Program - 2013
    Project: Dates Survey - 2009
    Project: Multi Purposes Survey - 2009
    Project: Fishing Violations System - 2009
    Project: Fishing Price Survey - 2009
    Project: Fish Exports & Imports Survey - 2008
    Project: Sufieleh Fish Survey - 2007
    Project: Fish Landing - 2007
    Project: PDA Based Fisheries Survey - 2006
    Project: Boat Count - 2006
    Project: Boat Count - 2005
    Project: Oman Agricultural Census - 2004
  • Statistics Authority - Qatar
    Project:T he General Population, Housing  and Establishment Census - 2010
  • USAID - Jordan 
    Project: Private Sector Program (PSP) - 2010
    Project: Private Sector Project for Women Health Survey (PSP) - 2009
  • Central Department of Statistics & Information - KSA
    Project: Labor Force Survey II - 2015
    Project: Consumer Price Index - 2015
    Project: Hajj Statistics - 2013
    Project: Labor Force Survey (LFS) I - 2013
    Project: Hajj Statistics - 2012
  • Statistics Center – Abu Dhabi
    Project: Updating Buildings, Dwellings and Households Frames - UAE 2010
  • Ministry of Tourism - Oman
    Project: Tourism Establishments Classification and Survey System – Upgrade - 2008
    Project:Tourism Establishments Classification System - 2006
    Project: Salala Festival Survey - 2004
  • Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities - Jordan
    Project:T ourism Establishments Classification System - 2009
  • Ministry of National Economy - Oman
    Project: Oman Census (Establishment, Dwelling and Population) - 2010
    Project: Inbound/Outbound Survey - 2009
    Project: Salalah Autumn Survey - 2009
    Project: Establishment Framework - 2008
    Project: Labor Force Survey (LFS) - 2008
    Project: Household Income and Expenditure Survey - 2008
    Project: Consumer Price Index - Upgrade - 2006
    Project: Arrivals & Departure Survey - 2004
    Project: Population Census - 2003
    Project: Consumer Price Index (CPI) - 2003
    Project: Rented Units - 2003
    Project: Household & Housing Units Census - 2003
    Project: Establishments Census - 2003
    Project: Social and Economic Indicators Database - 1999
  • Miyahuna Company - Jordan
    Project: Miyahuna Survey - 2008
  • Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology - Iraq
    Project: Consumer Price Index (CPI) - 2008
  • Orange - Jordan
    Project: m-Marketing Survey - 2007
  • National Center for Information and Doc - Libya
    Project: Consumer Price Index (CPI) - Libya 2006
    Project: Population Census - 2006
    Project: Social and Economic Indicators DB - 2003
  • Ministry of Planning - Kuwait
    Projects: Population Census - 2005
    Project: Household & Housing Units Census - 2005

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