With RealSoft – DVLD launches 13 new e-services

With RealSoft – DVLD launches 13 new e-services

The Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department (DVLD) in Jordan recently launched 13 new electronic services developed by RealSoft. The services aim to save time and effort for the clients and improve the services provided to them.

Among the most important of the new services are:

  • Vehicle license renewal service for all categories
  • Onsite vehicle technical inspection service request
  • Vehicle license translation
  • Request for vehicle cancellation for technical reasons or for replacement with hybrid
  • Detained license inquiry
  • Security approvals request

The new e-services are part of a project consisting of three phases, which RealSoft is implementing for the DVLD in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship. The project includes 42 e-services, 38 of which have been launched so far.

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