The start of the Listing Phase field works of Palestine census 2017

The start of the Listing Phase field works of Palestine census 2017

Under the supervision of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), the field works for the second phase (the listing and numbering of buildings, housing units and establishments) of the General Population, Housing and Establishment Census for the year 2017 have been started, where it is implemented electronically for the first time in the State of Palestine.

In this Cenus, RealSoft has provided the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) with an integrated electronic system, that aims to complete and verify the data about the census buildings, and housing units questionnaire, and the establishments questionnaire as well. The data of this phase will be the cornerstone for the next census phase, in which help at determining the size and requirements for counting and completing the data for households, and planning for the entire census phase activities.

The electronic system for the Listing Phase is mainly aimed at collecting and updating data electronically instead of using paper work, where the systemapplies different business rules to ensure data quality, logic and completeness during the data collection process, where in turn, saves time and efforts during data transferring from the observers’ databases to the central database.

The system is also supported by a Geographic Information System (GIS), which allows the observer to reach the buildings though the use of maps. The system provides maps for each area, that present the graphical identification of buildings, building status, and the visit status. Besides, the system allows tracking observers in the field through the navigation system (GPS).

Several other systems have been implemented to manage the field work, distribute and assign areas to observers and supervisors, review and verify data, and control data and indicators through providing dashboards and extensive reporting system.

Worth to mention here, that the Listing system is a part of the census integrated package provided by RealSoft to automate and manage all census operations for the general census of population and housing for the year 2017

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