The start of the demarcation phase of Palestine census project

The start of the demarcation phase of Palestine census project

Under the supervision of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and with the support of RealSoft, the actual demarcation phase of the population, housing and establishments census 2017 began in the State of Palestine, where this phase is the first stage of the field census work, that aims to update the various GIS layers based on reality and on ground findings, and to update Enumeration Areas layer and boundaries.

The implementation of this phase is important, where the outcome of this phase are topologically correct and up to date GIS layers with well-defined Enumeration Areas boundaries, that will be used for workload assignment and follow up, and measuring the surveyors’ performance in subsequent phases.

The demarcation phase is based on a geographical database that was recently updated during the preparatory phase of the census project, where the geographical layers were updated including the streets, buildings and landmarks.

Interview with the President of the Palestinian Statistics Authority Mrs. Ola Awad with the “Palestine this morning” program on census 2017 which was broadcast on 13 July 2017 – Video

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