RealSoft Implements a Project to Automate Statistical Releases in Oman

RealSoft Implements a Project to Automate Statistical Releases in Oman

RealSoft Advanced Applications has developed a comprehensive system for automating periodic statistical releases, which has been implemented for the National Center for Statistics and Information in the Sultanate of Oman. The product aims to organize and manage the automatic flow of periodic data from various accredited sources at the center, using various methods and formats, and managing statistical data from the collection stage to the publication and printing stage.

The system currently receives raw primary data from more than 250 data sources representing ministries, authorities, and data-producing entities, to be entered into the database. The programs work on testing, processing through merging, comparison, and calculation, then placing them in suitable templates for publication and printing. The center’s periodic statistical releases currently include two monthly publications (the Monthly Statistical Bulletin and the Economic Performance Bulletin) in addition to the comprehensive annual statistical book, all of which are issued regularly.

Mr. Yaqoub Al Jabri, the Branch Manager of RealSoft in Muscat, stated, “This project enhances RealSoft’s position in achieving digital transformation and implementing data management projects in the Omani market and the region.” He emphasized that “the automation of statistical releases has proven its worth in speeding up statistical processes, producing and providing statistical indicators and information. At the same time, it enhances the quality and accuracy of data through the automated execution of merging, integration, calculation, and testing operations, thereby reducing the cost of data collection, processing, and statistical output design.”

The National Center for Statistics and Information recently showcased its fully prepared statistical products through the product at the Muscat International Book Fair 2024.


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