RealSoft Completes “The Statistical Data Portal” for General Authority for Statistics in Saudi Arabia

RealSoft Completes “The Statistical Data Portal” for General Authority for Statistics in Saudi Arabia

RealSoft Advanced Applications announces the completion of the latest release of its statistical platform “Data Portal”, developed for organizing and disseminating statistical indicators on behalf of the General Authority for Statistics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The new release aims to enhance communication with stakeholders and partners by providing intelligent interfaces that can address their inquiries, meet their needs, and improve the user experience.

The platform offers an integrated framework enabling the authority to define and manage all data assets and provide necessary tools for building various data catalog, coding lists, statistical indicators, and enhancing content using statistical metadata and reference data tools. The platform ensures the publication of statistical products in various formats, such as tables, dashboards, microdata files, and APIs, with the goal of enhancing transparency and communication with all user’s segments. The design and presentation of the platform adhere to important international practices, including those from the United Nations Statistics Division, the World Bank, and others.

This platform is a significant component in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 digital transformation program, encompassing a wide range of statistical data covering all economic, social, demographic, and agricultural sectors, and more. Through a unified dissemination channel, the platform includes over 20 databases covering all indicators and statistical products produced by the authority, along with 550+ statistical tables supported by metadata explaining the statistical indicators, collection methods, and periodicity of publication. The platform also provides an intelligent search engine that allows users easy access to targeted data and information.

Among the notable features offered by the platform is direct linking and integration through “Out of Box Integration” or “API”, enabling users to easily connect with any statistical data. RealSoft successfully implemented this initiative within the scheduled timeframe, leveraging the latest technological solutions and modern international methodologies related to data management and statistical indicator dissemination.

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