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RealSoft partners trust the company’s capabilities in implementing mission critical projects such as population, agricultural and economic censuses, parliamentary elections, and e-government projects

The relationships that we establish with our customers are supported by regular personal contact. Through our account management activities, we maintain an understanding of our customers’ businesses and provide continuity between individual tasks.

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RealSoft has developed distinguished products in the fields of data management, survey design, and collaborative task management that have been well received by many customers who trust RealSoft products.
RealSoft products allow product managers to configure and assemble re-usable dynamic components that provide customizability and flexibility to meet customer demands. 

Over the course of more than two decades, RealSoft has provided many integrated technical solutions such as parliament and municipal elections, population, agricultural and economic censuses, as well as digital transformation solutions for ministries and government agencies.
The solutions provided by RealSoft combine multiple technologies that are integrated to provide a competitive advantage that achieves customer goals such as databases, web technologies, geographic systems, mobile technologies, and peripheral devices to improve practices in the field of digital transformation. 

RealSoft provides top-notch services in the field of talent solutions for today’s rapidly evolving recruitment marketplace to various partners in the region and the world. 
RealSoft also provides efficient technical consultations in the fields of data management, statistics, building indicators and data science with a high ROI. 


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