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Tourism Statistcs

Electronic tourism survey has recently been adopted by a wide variety of countries where modern statistical methods are applied in data collection and processing to highlight the increasing importance in measuring the volume of inside and outside tourism. For this purpose and furthermore, RealSoft considered implementing such survey solutions that aim to study and measure client customized operators in relation to tourism statistics and field related studies.
REALOSFT tourism solutions have demonstrated the company’s capabilities of delivering user friendly and process-effective solutions. These solutions include analyzing financial operators and measures, tourism services level, and measuring customer satisfaction of certain services and activities.
Moreover, RealSoft electronic tourism solutions included consultation phases based on their wide experience in tourism perspectives gained through the different tourism projects’ scopes implemented, and the various tourism ministries’ collaborated with. RealSoft had carried out ad hoc surveys that assist the Ministry of Tourism in Oman, Jordan and other countries to look below the surface of their performance and to find answers to all what we need to know questions that help tourism ministries plan their future tactics and strategies.
RealSoft electronic tourism solution is an integrated and sophisticated solution that concerns all specifications related to field work to ensure the complete questionnaire on the spot, besides the office processing used to edit and recheck the completeness and consistency of data. Furthermore, the solution is supported by an extensive reporting system that allows generating reports to display findings and to monitor progress and achievement.

Tourism Statistics Projects


Arrivals and Departures survey solution

In 2004 REALSOFT developed the Arrivals and Departures survey solution to study and analyze the number of foreign tourists entering Oman, and the number of tourists leaving Oman, to better observe and calculate the inbound tourism revenue in relation to tourists arriving to Oman, as well as, outbound tourism expenditure of Omani tourists spending in the foreign countries.
The solution provided tourism data patterns in terms of the purpose of the visit and travel destination, and reflects data on averages of income/expenditure and length of stay as well.
This survey has contributed to the creation of database for this activity to meet the growing need for tourism statistics, where data is collected and processed from surveys conducted at airports and land ports.

Oman’s Festival Poll Survey

In 2005 Oman’s Festival Poll Survey was developed, a survey solution that intended to study the visitor’s level of satisfaction about facilities and services, and what they recommend to have in the next years.
The data were collected by interviewer researchers through sample-survey conducted based on certain schedule. The questionnaire includes data on various tourist activities made by domestic and foreign tourists and visitors during their tour, and the level of satisfaction rated by visitors and tourists over the local services and tourist facilities.
An almost similar survey was successfully implemented later in Salalah in 2005, and has marked a huge success and continued to serve the needs of the project for consecutive 8 years targeting all visitors of Salalah Autumn to pin down the visitors’ likes, dislikes, and the areas to be improved.

Tourism Classification Survey Solution

In 2006, REALSOFT has developed a tourism classification survey solution that was successfully implemented in Oman. The solution fastened the process of classifying and rating tourism establishments according to Oman quality standards and make it more accurate.  The solution was flexible and wide so it covers the Food services, entertainment, view, room variations such as size and additional amenities, location and all what considered in rating the tourism establishments. A similar solution has adopted by the tourism ministry in Jordan.


Domestic Tourism Project

Later in 2007 Domestic Tourism project started and continued till 2011, the solution conducted survey regarding Oman’s domestic tourism market in terms of a number of key points in relation to the services and facilities provided.  The data were collected by researchers through interviewing Omani citizens and measure their level of satisfactions about the tourism industry and other domestic tourism perspectives.  

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