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SDMX Implementation

As continuation of RealSoft success stories in implementing different statistical projects, we recently directed our expertise on how to select the best standards to improve the mechanisms and processes of statistical data and metadata exchange.

Worldwide, two technical standards for statistical and research data and metadata recently have been receiving much attention; The Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) and Data Documentation Initiative (DDI). The adoption of such standards was relatively slow but has now begun to accelerate according to the benefits achieved by implementing such standards to the statistical process in general.
RealSoft was aware of the importance of such standards, so they employed their knowledge and strong background in statistics to utilize the SDMX and DDI standards, and provide as part of their solutions. Initially, RealSoft specialist draw the road map to perfectly adopt these standards concerning the data providers, collectors and implementers perspectives. Mainly, the lights were focused on the SDMX standards, due to the attention given to by the statistical departments.

At first, RealSoft applied the SDMX standards gradually through small projects designed to facilitate the automated exchange and processing of data and metadata between small number of organizations, which in deed, build wide experience in how to describe a wide range of different types of data structures, and to map the data into and out of by the different organizations involved in the exchange.


The successful implementation of the previous SDMX projects, proudly was the reason behind the selection of RealSoft to implement the SDMX for the National Statistical Data Bank Program (NSDP), just signed with the General Authority for Statistic KSA.

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