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Demographical Statistics

REALSOFT is known worldwide as one of the most experienced and fast growing providers of statistical services and the local provider of statistical services in Jordan. The company is considered a successful example for statistical based companies and was the first company worldwide to deliver PDA based population census solution for the Omani government back in 2003.

System Preview

As REALSOFT initiated a cutting edge statistical achievement, carrying a whole process of paperwork to a new level of automation where the use of paperwork was reduced to zero. A hugely recognizable accomplishment reached through developing and implementing fully integrated solution systems that deployed a huge number of data collectors, crew leaders, call center agents, regional supervisors, managers to implement mixed mode – tablet door-to-door and internet- to collect the census data. Internet-based census approach was adopted for a portion on the population to accommodate households that would rather fill their census information online without the need to be interviewed by enumerators.

The solution utilizes a variety of modern technologies to serve collection, processing, dissemination and analysis of data on different population characteristics including: economic, social and demographic aspects.  The technologies deployed vary between tracking and positioning technologies such as; Mobile, GPS (Global Positing System), GIS (Geographic Information System), and BI (Business Intelligence), database and warehousing technologies.

Solution Features

To best serve the intended system features, the company followed an approach in which the statistical solutions provide easy and powerful access to data in warehouse system, and provides leadership in the use of data query and analysis tools through an extensive BI system that allows generating reports and KPIs to monitor census progress and achievement with high performance integration between all the systems to guarantee smooth data flow among all parts of the system.

Alongside, easy and powerful data access, REALSOFT enriched the system with a wide variety of features to assess and enhance the system’s output and process reliability, including:
  • Provide highest quality with respect to the information collected.
  • Data confidentiality guarded and ensured in keeping with the Statistical Law. 
  • Field control through timely review of data, and online tracking the surveyors.
  • Extensive use of Maps on the devices and backend servers.
  • GPS for user fencing to assigned work area.

Our Experience

In Jordan census 2015, REALSOFT drew a remarkable result through developing a large scale and high profile solution, with all census activities fully automated through the use of Windows 10© tablet devices, to facilitate and assess the data collection process and ensure its accuracy and validity. In the same, REALSOFT was chosen by the Government of Ajman to develop and implement their census system, a project that was carried professionally, and marked another success of the year.

Jordan’s successful experience was preceded with a number of other successful experiences in some Arab countries. Back in time to 2007, REALSOFT partnered with the Libyan Government to develop the system of Libya Census of 2007, followed by Qatar’s and Oman’s Censuses in 2010. REALSOFT continued to be the trusted choice for other governments, including the Government of Sharjah. Good to know, REALSOFT partnered with the Palestinian Government and signed the contract to develop the system to be used on the upcoming Palestine Census 2017.

You are invited to explore the world of Realsoft, and see for yourself how we make business sense through every single partnership and achievement we add to our legacy.

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