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Mobile Applications

RealSoft is the Middle East’s market leader in developing and implementing enterprise mobile products and solutions. We utilize state of the art mobile and wireless devices, frameworks and software to serve various business verticals.
RealSoft expertise spans multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 & Windows Mobile and targets PDAs, Smart Phones and Tablet PCs. We utilize a number of application development frameworks including native languages, HTML5 and Oracle ADF.
Ever since developing the world's first PDA based Population and Dwelling Census for the Sultanate of Oman in 2003, RealSoft has successfully endeavored into various verticals including Census and Surveys, Municipal, Sales and Retail, Marketing, Inspections and GIS.
RealSoft has successfully implemented innovative custom Mobile Applications and Solutions in a number of sectors including:
Statistical Surveys and Censuses: RealSoft successfully automated census and survey taking in Population and Establishments Census, Consumer Price Index, Labor Force and Household Income & Expenditure
Inspections, Violations and Licensing: RealSoft provided various ministries, public bodies and municipalities with innovative technology allowing them to perform inspection and supervisory duties and ensure compliance with laws and regulations
Sales and Retail: Full automation of all sales stages including order taking, delivery, cash and cheque collection, van stock management and work plan implementation through mobile devices
Fieldworker Tracking: Use of digital maps and GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of all fieldworkers during work hours in real time, and record and playback their work route
Mobile GIS Technologies: RealSoft has distinguished itself from competition through the use of GIS in mobile- based applications. Such an approach greatly enhances fieldwork by improving field navigation, providing graphic representation of tasks on digital maps and restricting surveyors to their designated work areas through geo-fencing. This is achieved either through RealSoft product (MobiDiscoverer) or through integration with third party applications such as Esri ArcGIS

You are invited to explore the world of Realsoft, and see for yourself how we make business sense through every single partnership and achievement we add to our legacy.

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