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Customs Services

REALSOFT Advanced Applications continues to offer its deep industry knowledge and expertise from other industries on the challenge at stake, to offer breakthrough perspectives and solutions to more governmental domains. Our distinguished experience in Customs business domain and cross-technology competency allows us to provide the Customs departments with solutions that meet the goals behind any request of Customs business and technology consulting, system architecture and engineering, BI and Data Warehouse services, besides to data migration and system integration.

RealSoft experienced team consists of experts in Customs businesses and technologies with long experience and wide knowledge with Customs operations, the latest international Customs recommendations and practices, and the “Common Customs Law” stated for GCC Member States, international trade and customs laws, and other relevant related legislation.

Customs Projects

RealSoft experience with the Jordanian Customs department proves our capability to take the situation forward depending on the priorities and needs of any Customs department. RealSoft has been selected by the Jordan Customs to develop their Business Intelligence (BI) solution Phase 1 in 2012. A project of huge size of data cleansing and migration with customized and integrated BI system that displays Customs and trade important data and indices available for years on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or year-to-date basis, and can be retrieved in a number of Customs systems.

As a result of the successful implementation of Phase 1 and the continuous trust and collaboration between RealSoft teams and the Jordan Customs management, RealSoft was selected to implement the second phase of the project in 2013.
The project includes automation of many Customs applications including financial and revenue system, the strategic system, and others; all offered alongside with analysis of operations, e.g. agreements and Customs transactions for type of imported and exported goods and commodities.

Through our understanding of the complexity of the Customs operations and procedures, we studied and analysed the Jordan customs requirements and advised for improvements based on international Customs best practices and recommendations.

It is important to hint here that this project included a successful infrastructure modernization, where customs databases have been switched from Oracle 5i to Web 11g by our partner PALCO Control to improve the performance and scalability of operations. Such transformation opened deeper doors to more comprehensive understanding to customs businesses, where RealSoft followed the operational modernization with Applications migration to the new database, and enhancements on the Customs applications according to the new database requirements.

The Solution was developed for 34 centers, and already went life in Amman and Zarqa. And now, RealSoft is working on the Airport Intelligence system, and the enhancements of the Risk Management system.
RealSoft is now considered a specialized organization with dominant strength in the Customs domain where our wide experience with the Jordanian Customs and partnership with external customs experts ensure our ability to deliver high level services to Customs departments, as we can introduce you to many methods on how to enhance your Customs main operations, how to establish a strategic approach toward the implementation of single window concept, how to enhance your selectivity and risk analysis and other services, needless to say all provided and supported by methods for simplification.

You are invited to explore the world of Realsoft, and see for yourself how we make business sense through every single partnership and achievement we add to our legacy.

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