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REALSOFT has capitalized on its wide spectrum of skills and offered its solutions to the banking sector and offered the following solutions

Web System for Sundries, certificates and returned checks

It is centralized web system serving all branches of Housing Bank for Trade and Finance in Jordan. It is build using Oracle ADF technology and Oracle database using SSO and LDAP for authentication and authorization.

Classification of Credit facilities and calculation of impairment provisions

A full fledged system installed at Arab Bank and all its branches all over the world. It conforms to the central bank of Jordan rules and regulations and allows for prompt compliance with such regulations.

Reuters Ticket Output Feed (TOF) Integration Module with Oracle FlexCube Core banking system

Union bank requested an integration service to allow for receiving confirmed trades with Reuters through to Oracle FlexCube bank office core banking system.
Ticket Output Feed known as (TOF) is an industry standard Straight Through Processing (STP) feed Reuters Dealing,The Ticket Output Feed known as (TOF) is an industry standard Straight Through Processing Market Feed protocol and has two recognised formats Serial (RS232) and TCP/IP
The integration platform was built on JAVA technology and offers seamless integration with FlexCube using Service Oriented architecture paradigm.  The system is  TCP/IP client that interacts with Thomson Reuters Dealing direct services.
When a Thomson Reuters Dealing conversation is initiated and subsequently progresses using the Thomson Reuters Dealing Direct Service, the Dealing server (TCSS) extracts key information about the conversation and any deal that is proposed within it. This information includes the counterparty, the currencies traded and the value date or date.  Our Software accesses the Dealing Server through Ethernet and extract the provided information and automatically relays the information to Flexcube in order to make the necessary effect on customers accouts.

Check printing module with check digit facilities fully integrated with Oracle FlexCube core banking system

In order to satisfy the increasing demand of modern banking services, Union Bank opted to enhance it check–book issuance procedures and optimize data entry steps required to activate the process.  Additionally, Union bank introduced a mechanisms to harden checkbook authenticity.
REALSOFT delivered a system that is built  using Oracle ADF J2EE Web Technology and is deployed on the existing Weblogic Server and Oracle Database. The system fully integrate with FlexCube through the available IFlex APIs.  The system covers the following functions
The check Digit System divides the users into two main groups, Makers and Checkers. Mainly, the Maker creates the cheque request and the Checker approves it.
The main functions of the system are:
  • Create Cheque Request
  • Approve Insufficient funds
  • Fees Deduction
  • Activation of check book (authorization to use by customer)
  • Monitoring
  • Special Fees per Customer Number (CIF)
  • Special Fees per Customer Category
  • Generating Reports for In House Printing
  • Verification Screen
  • Administration and security screens


  • Bank al Etihad - Jordan
    Project: Integration with VISA,MasterCard Credit Card System - 2015
    Project: Registries System - 2015
    Project:E-Fawateercom System - 2014
    Project: eFAWATEERcom Middleware - 2013
    Project: Check Digit System - 2012
    Project: Returned Checks System - 2012
    Project: Flexcube Reuters Integration - 2011
    Project: Flexcube ECC Integration - 2011
  • The Housing Bank for Trade & Finance - Jordan
    Project: NewCore Banking Integration - 2013
    Project: Web System for Sundries, Certificates and Returned Checks - 2007
  • Capital Bank - Jordan
    Project: Returned Check System - 2014
  • Invest Bank - Jordan
    Project: Credit Facilities Classification and Calculation of Impairment Provisions - 2014
  • Arab Bank - Jordan
    Project: Operational Data Store (ODS) – Risk View - 2008
    Project: Credit Facilities Classification and Calculation of Impairment Provisions - 2007
  • Bank of Jordan - Jordan
    Project: OLAP Reporting Pilot Project - 2002
  • Cities and Villages Bank - Jordan
    Project: GTZ Project - 2002

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