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Dynamic Surveys are evolving to become the new trend when building new surveys, as they are considered a sustainable way to acomidate changes efficiently, thus the need of change wouldn’t be a burden anymore.
Here comes the role of Al Khawarizmi which offers the ability to create customized dynamic survey using a user friendly interface and easy to use interface, with a wide range of flexibile features. Through our product one can deliver unique and personalized questionnaires and present the respondent with questions and answers specifically tailored to everyone's needs.

Dynamic Questionnaire Features

Modifications on Database

Personalize surveys and keep your records up to date, through Al Khawarizmi you have full access to the database and can insert, delete and edit pages (group of questions), questions and answers and the diversity of their options and preferences directly from the database. Respondent information held in your database can be inserted anywhere in the survey and can also be used to pre-answer questions.

In-survey calculations

The Dynamic Survey Al Khawarizmi can perform calculations as the survey is being completed, creating custom questionnaires for each participant. For example; using the respondent date of birth to calculate age, complete status of a questionnaire and many more.

Controls/Values Masking

Display or hide questions or answers or pages. Some respondent’s replies control which questions, answers or a group of questions to mask, ensuring the accuracy by hiding the potential irrelevant replies.


Randomization helps to avoid favoritism by respondents by changing or reordering the answers for multiple-choice questions for each respondent.

Response validation

There are rules for everything. How everything linked with everything, how everything interacts with everything. Those rules ensure the survey is intuitive to complete and get the accurate information you need and guarantees the consistency between data. Options include:
  • Making questions mandatory.
  • Setting multiple choice questions to allow single or multiple replies, with the further option to set a minimum or maximum number of replies.
  • Configuring questions to accept only specific values or range of values, for example, numbers, dates or times.
  • Applying patterns to ensure that responses are entered in a specific format via expressions, for example, phone numbers.
  • Setting max length for essay answer values.
  • Set a default value for answers.

Other Features


Al Khawarizmi gives you the ability to create your survey layout and customize it the way you want. From the smallest details to the largest ones. By having so, you can decide on the overall look and layout of your survey, you can customize the buttons, the text fields, you can place them in the sequence you want, and you can adjust the fields’ sizes to fit its content. Layouts include the following:

  • Vertical Tab
  • Horizontal Tab
  • Normal Question
  • Button
  • Grid


The Dynamic questionnaire can be of different views and privileges, such as:

  • Read-Only (Admin system): you can view and retrieve answers but you can’t update or perform edits on the data obtained.
  • Read and Write (Surveyor system): where the surveyor can fill and edit data entered before it’s submitted.
  • Read and Write (User System): where you can fill and edit your own data after you’re given access authorization.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Put all platforms, Desktop and Mobile.


For Business (CMA)
  • It allows to produce repeatable, higher quality and faster in delivery time online and offline applications.
  • Support changes in systems, technologies infrastructure initiatives in the IT industry and across many technologies.
  • Creation of an application based on a standard framework-based implementation.
For Clients (AP)
  • A framework can create feature-rich user interfaces.
  • The platform's user interface makes it easy. Anyone who is familiar with using a Web browser can quickly get up to speed.
  • Access those apps on their mobile devices—and you don’t have to learn any mobile programming languages.

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