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The Department of Statistics and Community Development in the Emirate of Sharjah has launched a project to update the citizens’ data/information of the Emirate of Sharjah, which aims to update the living data of the citizens based on the results of the general population and housing census 2015, and to complete additional questions that were not included in the census.

The project aims at providing a new and updated database for decision-makers in the Emirate that reflects the changes taken over the last two years on the general characteristics of the population. Such changes will help providing developmental services to citizens and raise the standard of living of citizens. In addition it will cover new and important questions that were not included in 2015 census.

Under the supervision of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), the field works for the second phase (the listing and numbering of buildings, housing units and establishments) of the General Population, Housing and Establishment Census for the year 2017 have been started, where it is implemented electronically for the first time in the State of Palestine.

In this Cenus, RealSoft has provided the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) with an integrated electronic system, that aims to complete and verify the data about the census buildings, and housing units questionnaire, and the establishments questionnaire as well. The data of this phase will be the cornerstone for the next census phase, in which help at determining the size and requirements for counting and completing the data for households, and planning for the entire census phase activities.

HE Mrs. Ola Awad, Head of Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics / National Director of Census, announced the launching of the second phase of the Population, Housing and Establishment Census 2017 in the State of Palestine, "the phase of listing and numbering of all buildings, housing units and establishments” from 19/09/2017 Until 31/10/2017, where during this phase all the buildings, housing units and establishments in the Palestinian governorates will be listed and numbered. The numbers will be written using a blue wax pen at the buildings’ and housing units’ entrances, and a red wax pen at the entrances of the establishments.

With the Participation of Five Ministers Gastat Launches “Masdar”: The National Statistical Data Program as the largest national bank for statistical indicators In support of decision and policy makers and with the participation of their Excellencies the Ministers, the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat), launched the statistical data program “Masdar” on Monday, 30 Shawwal, 1438H (July 24, 2017) in Jeddah, to serve as a bank for national statistical indicators.

The actual counting phase of the population and housing census of Palestinian refugees in the camps and gatherings in Lebanon has recently launched, where this phase is considered the last stage of the field census work, in which surveyors collect the detailed information on housing, population and establishments using RealSoft fully automated census package. It is expected that 400 surveyors will participate in the phase that will last to the end of this month.

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